Great British Puddings

Traditional Great British Puddings

Accompaniments of Homemade Custard, Fresh Pouring Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream or Cornish Clotted Cream are included. Please choose your favourite one!

Welcome to Jonathans in the Park

Please allow time for your food orders to be lovingly prepared and cooked, our chefs and front of house staff will always being doing their very best to keep wait times to a minimum. Gratuities are at our guest’s discretion; Jonathans in the Park wish you a very pleasant visit – Bon appétit!

Jonathans Bread and Butter Pudding 6.00

Traditional recipe full of flavour and texture, filled with yesteryear memories.

Sticky Toffee Pudding 6.00

Filling, indulgent and moresome.

Treacle Pudding 6.00

This light fluffy treacle sponge with custard is just perfect for the sweeter tooth.

Apple and Blackberry Crumble 6.00

Yet another olde English classic full of sweet fruity flavours.

Strawberries Victorian 6.75

Queen Victorias favourite way to enjoy this most summer of fruits, simply washed with stalks left on to dip into & freshly whipped double cream.

Banana Split 7.75

An all time classic desert with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, split banana topped with warm chocolate & cool strawberry sauces finished with a handful of mini marshmallow.

Fresh Strawberry Sundae Meringue 7.75

Chopped fresh strawberries layered with vanilla ice cream, strawberry coulis & topped with a meringue, finished with homemade chocolate sauce.

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