Autumn Soup of the Day 3.99

Always fresh, creative and vegetable (v gf)
With White, Brown or Gluten Free bread *please advise us regarding bread preference

Eggs Benedict 6.95

Poached free range eggs perched on toasted rustic bread circles smothered in creamy hollandaise sauce with smoked ham, or if you prefer we will omit the ham for a vegetarian option
*please advise your order taker regarding the ham

Highland Avocado 7.95

Avocado pear segments wrapped in Scottish smoked salmon blankets, served on a bed of cherry tomato & prawn salsa with malted croutons * for a gf solution we will prepare using gluten free toasted bread in place of croutons, please advise our staff

Jonathan's Stilton Crab Ramekin 7.95

Hot Salcombe crab blended and cooked with a Leicestershire blue Stilton mousse topping, accompanied by a pot of pickled walnut butter for you to combine with oatcakes

Eggs Florentine 6.95

Poached free range eggs perched on warm rustic bread circles & steamed spinach leaves then smothered in hollandaise cheese sauce

*All of the above are garnished with fresh dressed salad except soup of the day*

Jonathan's in the Park Gourmet Menu