Teas, Coffees & Cakes

Large slices of cake from the display fridge 4.50 each

Simply Delicious!

High Quality Teas

All of our teas come in pots with several top ups inside!

Quality House Tea 2.95

Earl Grey Strong 2.95

Fruit Burst 2.95

Mao Feng Green Tea 2.95

Morning Glory Everyday Brew 2.95

Peppermint Leaves 2.95

All of our barista coffees have double espresso shots!

Add a shot of our special French natural Syrup for 75p

Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Chai, Hazelnut, Amaretto

Barista Flat White 3.50

Barista Latte 3.50

Barista Cappuccino 3.50

Barista Mocha 3.50

Barista Americano 3.50

Barista Hot Chocolate Latte 3.50

*Add Squirty Cream & Mini Marshmallows – 75p


We serve your drinks in Finest Quality Eco Friendly 12oz cups

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